AA Tank Supplies Applications

Crate  / Pipe / Tank / Concrete Attenuation Systems: supply and install with geo-textile 

Sewage Treatment Plants: for Industrial or Domestic use, from 5 Population to 5000 Population
Oil Interceptors: Separators for underground use to EN858  European Standard
Forecourt Interceptors: to Class 1 standard with coalescing filter and closure device

 Car Wash Tanks: 1, 2 or 3 chamber  units in all sizes

Silt Traps: Various sizes to suit
Grease Separators: Car Wash 2 and 3 chamber Separators, Silt Traps, Lids and Gratings
Rain Water Harvesting: and grey water systems recycling systems
Plastic Access Chambers: Inspection Chambers, Manholes, Benched, Culverts
Septic Tanks: low burial, upright, all sizes including heavy duty for high water tables
Silage: and large volume attenuation tanks custom designed to suit the project
Pumping Chambers: low burial. upright, fully fitted if required with GRP Kiosk and Enclosures
Above and below ground: heating oil storage, all sizes and shapes to suit single skin, or bunded
Oil Alarms: level switches, control panels, various spares and replacement parts
Composite Covers : new range of lightweight easy to lift covers and frames
Anti Corrosive: above ground chemical storage tanks in any shape or size
GRP Sectional Tanks: any size to suit

Hydro-brake Flow Controls: i ndividually designed to suit the flows needed 

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