AA Tank Supplies: Lids, Covers, Alarms, Spares and Lifting Keys

AA Tank Supplies: Offer a full range of Lids, Covers, Alarms and various Spares for most leading brands. Interceptor Spares for most known models can be purchased or fitted by our fully trained Maintenance teams as can Float switches and other associated control equipment. If in doubt give us a call 01919031450

New range of Composite Covers



1. Utilized material: SMC/BMC

2. Solidity and resistance:

- fabricated according to EN124

- product contained in the Technical Agreement 003-05 / 290-2013

3. Light and easy to handle:

- fabricated form SMC/BMC material our covers are easy to handle and install

- being light reduces the risk of injuries

4. Resistance to corrosion:

- SMC/BMC is resistant to weather factors, corrosion, do not need paint

- the risk of ignition from sparks over ferrous materials is significantly reduced

- suitable to be used in areas with flammable liquid sources (gas stations)

5. Electric insulation: suitable against voltage dispersion

6. Noise reduction: reduces the noise caused by driving over installed covers

7. Environment protection: in the manufacturing process the emission of CO2 is

considerably reduced compared to cast iron manhole covers

8. Customization: the products can be personalized according to client’s specifications

9. Theft protection: due to special condition for recycling, composite manhole covers

do not present interest for theft (no scrap value)

Lifting Keys / Seal Breakers and Hydro Brake Flow Controls