AA Tank Supplies: Package Sewage Treatment Plants 

AA Tank Supplies : Can offer a system to suit variable ground conditions with low noise and no odour to suit any type of domestic property or small to large living complex. All products are tested to EN12566-3 standard and are easy to install and function.

Package Sewage Treatment Plants are commonly used to treat effluent which cannot be discharged to mains drains due to the location of the property and are commonly used in rural areas. The system is designed and calculated by Population head and typically come in standard sizes from 5 POP to 5000 POP.   AA Tank Supplies can assist in using the correct sizing criteria to ensure you meet current legislation and the installed product functions correctly. Each product installed requires consent to discharge from the Environment Agency.

AA Tank Supplies: can offer a full range of manufactures units to suit your ground conditions, point of access and general footprint for installation, selection is of prime importance and must be given careful consideration.

Product sizing and selection are of paramount importance. Call :01919031450